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Val 6 Heaters

Daystar Radiant Heater

Val 6 - Daystar Heater

The Daystar brings you infrared heat as well as forced air heat. You may run this unit, as well as all the Val 6 heaters, with an A/C inverter. The Daystar is the most portable heater in the Val 6 line.

51,200 BTU
2.6g tank capacity
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = .40g/hr

Val 6 MPX Radiant Heater
Val 6 - MPX Radiant Heater

The MPX is similar to the Daystar, just bigger and better. It has the widest angle range (45 degrees) of any of the VAL 6 heaters, yet is small enough to fit in small places.

6.6g tank capacity
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = High .48g/hr, Low .42g/hr

KBE5S Radiant Heater
Val 6 - KBE5S Radiant Heater

The KBE5S is a single setting standard radiant heater. Just as the other Val 6 heaters, there's no odor or smoke while running it.

111,000 BTU
9g tank capacity
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = .85g/hr

KBE5L Radiant Heater
Val 6 - KBE5L Radiant Heater

The KBE5L heater has a 2-stage heat output and equips a larger tank enabling it to operate continuously for about 16 hours in high and 20 hours in low.

High-118,000 BTU
Low-100,000 BTU
15.1g tank capacity
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = High .90g/hr, Low .75g/hr

Val 6 EPX Radiant Heater
Val 6 - EPX Radiant Heater

The EPX is the most technologically advanced Val 6 heater, as well as the most powerful and efficient. It has an over-voltage detector, a built in thermostat, an advanced monitoring system, and the largest radiation disk of the whole Val 6 line-up.

High-140,000 BTU
Low-100,000 BTU
15.4g tank capacity
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = High 1.02g/hr, Low .75g/hr
GN5 - Natural Gas/LP Radiant Heater

Val 6 - GN5/GP5 Radiant Heater

The GN5 & GP5 heater are stated to be the cleanest most efficient heaters ever. The premixed gas combustion allows for minimal operation noise and produces less than 1ppm of carbon monoxide, which is 10-20x less than typical torpedo-style heater.

144,000 BTU
120v, 60Hz, single phase
Fuel consumption = Natural Gas 137 CFH or 6.1 lbs/h

                              = LP 55.8 CFH or 6.6 lbs/h

Alkota 230SH Space Heater

Alkota Space Heaters

Looking for a quick, temporary heating solution? The Alkota industrial space heaters are a must have for those times when a bit extra or emergency heat is needed. These units offer instant heated air at a low cost and run on kerosene or #1 diesel fuel and plug into the standard grounded 110 volt outlet. The Alkota Space Heater Model 150 heating capacity is at 150,000 BTU/hr and the Model 210 at 210,000 BTU/hr. 



Oil Fired


Instantaneous Heat


110 Volt electricity

Large Fuel Tank 

Stainless steel combustion chamber 

High Limit Switch 

High Capacity fans