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New Alkota Pressure Washers

Learn more about what our Alkota pressure washers can do for you. 

Shop, residential, barns, machinery and more. Alkota offers a machine for the 

smallest to biggest dirty job you need done. 

We can be the supplier for the perfect Alkota pressure washer for you.

Cleaning solutions, parts and more are available.

Used Equipment

We refurbish previously owned pressure washing equipment so it's like new. 
We then add a Buyer's Satisfaction Guarantee. See what we have available!


We carry Val 6 Radiant Heaters and Alkota Space Heaters - both are

 an efficient and environmental friendly way to heat.

Producing little to no ammonia and safe to use inside or outside. 

Floor Sweepers & Scrubbers

We carry IPC Eagle's full product line of 

janitorial equipment, including floor equipment, automatic scrubbers,

 automatic sweepers, vacuum sweepers, floor pads, brushes, professional vacuums, 

pure water cleaning systems, window cleaning tools, squeegees, screen washers, 

burnishers, carpet extractors, microfiber mopping systems, mops, microfiber products, cleaning carts and more.  

C-AIRE Air Compressors

 New to Express Pressure Washers are the C-Aire air compressors. 

These air compressors are a quiet compressor offering low RPM. 

Ranging in size as to what type of shop or job you need. 

At Express Pressure Washers, Inc, we maintain a sizable inventory of accessories and replacement parts .


We sell a complete line of soaps, degreasers and acids to meet any cleaning need.

We also have a variety of power spray washer detergents, liquid wax, defoamers, and rust inhibitors. 

Keeping your equipment clean helps your equipment retain its value. 

At Express Pressure Washers, Inc. we offer the products and services you need to keep everything running as it should.


"I've had this machine for over 30 years and can't believe how great it still works today"
Pictured: Joe with one of Express Pressure Washers first pressure washers sales over 35 years ago.