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Winterizing your machine

Welcome To Express Pressure Washers
526 3rd. St NE Blooming Prairie, MN


Wondra Wash it Wednesday
 Featuring the Hurricane Pro Attachement

Wondra Wash it Wednesday
Featuring the undercarriage attachment for commercial and residential vehicles.

Wondra Wash it Wednesday
Rotary Nozzle Attachment

Wondra Wash it Wednesday
Cleano, window and high reach areas sedition. 

Wondra Wash it Wednesday
Featuring the steamer/pressure washer combi unit. 

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday.
 Importance of cooling down your machines

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday
Addressing possible Burner issues and solutions

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday:
 Chemical Soap Injection for your Alkota Pressure Washer.

Wondra Wash it Wednesday Soap Edition

Wondra Wash it Wednesday
Featuring EXP's Surface Cleaner

Troy Tip Talk Tuesday
Letting us know why the size of your tip is so important. 

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday
Discussing steps to maintaining the health of your Alkota Pump

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday:
VaL6 Radiant Heaters

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday: Highlighting Hose variations, hose repair and hose care.

Troy Tech Talk Tuesday
Used Equipment and Service work on various commercial pressure washer brands. 


Fuel Oil Burner Breakdown

Pump Breakdown

Oil Fired Ignitor Breakdown

Spray Nozzle Examples

Unloader Valve Breakdown

Gas Burner Breakdown


Spray Nozzle Pattern and Size

Nozzle Maintenance

Vibration Test


Hog Heaven

Dirty Tractor and Planter

This Is Your Office


IPC Eagle SmartVac Instructions and Maintenance 

IPC Eagle Scrubber CT80 Operating Instructions

IPC Eagle Scrubber CT51 Operating Instructions

IPC Eagle Scrubber CT15 Daily Maintenance

IPC Eeagle CT15 Troubleshooting