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We sell a complete line of soap, degreasers and acids to meet any cleaning need. We also have a variety of power spray washer detergents, liquid wax, defoamers, and rust inhibitors. All solutions are available in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums. Several are listed below:

Touch FreeTouchless car and truck wash; works with cold or hot water. Removes grease or road film, tar, bugs, oil, sludge, and tree sap. 100% biodegradable. No harsh solvents. PH balanced. Aluminum safe.

Ultra Clean - Pressure washer detergent - Highly effective. Very economical. Tough on grease, grime, oils, resins, carbon deposits, rubber based soils. Contains rust protectants and complex wetting agents. Help restore faded paint surfaces.


P-100 - Heavy duty truck wash and degreaser; works well with cold or hot water and rinse-free at any temperature. P-100 will remove carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing. It will clean and brighten aluminum surfaces. Alkaline Based

Lume Brite - Designed to clean and brighten unpainted aluminum surfaces without damage. Works well with cold or hot water. This product is formulated to etch the surface of aluminum to remove the aluminum oxide that has formed. It will not only remove oxide, but oil, grease and carbon stack stains as well. 

Tanker Shine - Designed to clean inside and outside over-the-road tankers, tractors/trailers and other types of commercial vehicles. Good for heavy duty cleaning.

Wash & Wax - Designed to clean & protect cars, boats, RV's, trucks, water craft, etc. It brings out the shine & luster leaving behind a clear protective layer of wax.

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